Human beings are very visually stimulated, as we remember images better than blocks of text, meaning that consumers are more likely to be attracted to and engage with eye-catching imagery than they are with reams of text.

If you’re developing your social media marketing for your business, high-quality, professional photography and imagery is very important, and will lead to an improved engagement rate.

However, just having a photograph isn’t enough - your images need to be relatable, shareable, and memorable. Here’s why good photography will boost your social media marketing.


We remember quality

According to studies, we remember 10 per cent of what we read, but we can recall 65 per cent more if high-quality text is paired with high-quality images.

It means that the photos you use need to be the best they can be, and be remembered for the right reasons. Bad photography - images that are too busy, out of focus, or not interesting - will not engage your customers.


Stand out from the crowd

Every day, 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook and 95 million to Instagram. This means that your social media photos need to stand out. You need to ensure theft your audience can see you, so check your demographics and the type of content they are engaging with to plan your approach.


Original Content

Stock photos are convenient, but they demonstrate a lack of creativity and originality. Consumers will be more likely drawn to authentic and original photography and images.

Keep your images in line with your brand's vision to draw your audience in. Avoid using purely product photos, and share images that show what represents your brand’s values and vision.


Keeping your end-user in mind, draw them in with quality – be relatable, shareable and memorable.

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