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Portrait Photography

A mother holds her small child in the are in a field surrounded by wildflowers
Two brothers cheekily posing for a photo
A small boy gazes out of the window, wearing a teddy bear shirt
An elegant ballerina poses en pointe in a tutu
A couple sits on the sofa with an elderly relative, laughing
A fashionable girl in a bomber jacket in front of curtains
A small boy feeding baby ducks in his garden
A couple stand on the bank of the Thames with the London eye in the background
A man surrounded by rainforest plants and greenery
A toddler kisses his baby sister while sitting in the grass
A fast paced photo of a dancer leaping in the air
A secret photo of a man proposing to his girlfriend at a romantic hideaway
A curly-haired woman looks into the camera
A father holds his smiling newborn baby on the day of his baptism
A boy in a sailors t-shirt walking down the steps into a church