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Event and Party Photography

A large tent lit up at night in front of a house
A man with his arm propped on his chair smiling at the camera at a black tie event
A group of people standing in the garden of a house, captured by an event photographer at a corporate event.
Elderly friends holding glasses of wine sit on a bench at a party talking
A man holding a guitar serenades guests with a Spanish song
Two women in Shakespeare costumes holding champagne glasses
Horse racing legend Nicky Henderson giving a toast at a charity dinner
Two people in costume dancing in a tent at a high-end wedding
A bartender is making a cocktail at a bar in a marquee
A lively event in a grassy field at sunset
An ABBA tribute band playing keyboards, in front of a yellow light.
An aerial view of a high-end country house in Dorset
A woman holding a drink up to her head and a man in a suit at a party
A green field with a circle of trees in the middle
A group talking at a party outside a house