Professional Commercial & Brand Photography

Looking for professional product photography? Or updated headshots for your team? Discover what Sebastian Engert Photography can do for your business below...

Berkshire commercial photographer
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Berkshire property photographer
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Berkshire commercial photography
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Berkshire At-work photographer
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White Background Product Photography
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Berkshire Brand Photography
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What I Offer...

White Background Product Photography

Professional white background e-commerce photos are crucial for businesses looking to show their products with no distractions, and a requirement for sites like Amazon in order to sell. Whether its just one item, or hundreds of products, get in touch to see how I can help.

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle and contextual imagery is what can take your brand to the next level, and are great for showing your product in use or in its intended setting. If you'd like to learn more about my lifestyle photography services, contact me below.

Headshot Photography

Showing the faces behind your brand is a great way for your customers to get to know your company, and builds trust too. My competitive pricing and fast turnarounds makes me an easy choice for headshot photography in Berkshire, London, and the Home Counties; plus I can make sure to match the look and style of your current set of headshots, maintaining consistency across your brand and different office locations.

Environmental Portrait Photography

The next step from business headshots are my environmental portraits. These are carefully planned and styled photographs on location in a company's office, factory, retail space, or off site at locations that they serve in. These are excellent for marketing campaigns, or as an alternative to standard headshots, giving a glimpse of what each member of the team does.

Your Team At Work

Brands that show their processes and team at work engage their clients better and build a higher level of trust. Great for marketing or to show the workflows of your business, these behind the scenes 'action' shots go a long way to communicating what your business is about.

Your Facilities

Need professional shots of your business location? High quality photos of your companies facilities both inside and outside creates a great first impression, and are perfect for Google My Business profiles and about sections on your website. Any questions? Get in touch today!