Why Use Drone Photography For Property Marketing


Drone technology has developed at an incredible rate over the last few years, and now drones are used for a wide array of uses across a huge range of industries. New developments in hardware combined with changes to legislation have increased the scope for estate agents to include drone footage as part of their property marketing offering.


The housing market still remains very strong following the post-lockdown boom, and vendors and buyers are driving the demand for viewing properties virtually, at least initially before any in-person viewings.


This trend has now established itself as part and parcel of the property marketing process, rather than simply being ‘nice to have’, and has increased pressure on estate agents to be able to adequately digitally ‘showcase’ properties at their absolute best.


Over the last few years, estate agents have been utilising new technology that allows them to include virtual tours, video, and 360º visual experiences in their marketing materials.


Drone footage of the exterior of the property is an obvious companion to these techniques and is fast becoming an integral element when listing a property.


Drone footage of a property is a great way to show the scale of the house in relation to its surroundings. The footage can be a mixture of video and still images, all capturing the property from a wide range of varying angles, distances and heights, providing unique perspectives that ground-level photography is unable to capture.


It presents the opportunity to highlight impressive features, such as sprawling gardens, swimming pools, or beautiful surroundings. Drones also provide an up to date birds-eye view of a property, taking into consideration property alterations and extensions not always shown on the most recent google maps satellite imagery.


However, there are so many drones on the market, it makes sense to use a service provider with drone experience, and who also possess the necessary qualifications and licensing, while understanding the complex no-fly zones that may be operation ensure the images and video are captured safely and legally.


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