Why Spring Is Great For Photography


Most people love it when the weather begins to warm up and meadows give way to a beautiful burst of colour, but springtime is cherished even more by photographers, as there is never a shortage of beautiful scenes to shoot.


Perhaps the most obvious attraction to spring photography is the magic of bare trees coming back to life with brightly coloured blossoms, and flowers appearing before your eyes.


These are great to snap, whether you take a wide photo of a pretty landscape of blooms, or you focus on the delicate details of petals close-up.


Take pictures of daffodils contrasting with a bright blue sky, the cool drops of dew on cherry blossom trees, or wildflowers attracting all sorts of wildlife, from bumble bees to butterflies. There so much to focus on and so many details to share, you could spend hours with a camera in your hand sitting in a botanical garden or woodland this season.


Another reason why photographers love spring has to be the longer, brighter days. Dark nights during winter means it is hard to shoot the landscape once the sun begins to set in the afternoon. However, you can enjoy spending longer outdoors during the warmer months, capturing the cool tones of a spring sunset.


Springtime is not exempt from a downpour – particularly in Britain – but this means there are some excellent opportunities to take shots of a rainy scene. Dew drops look beautiful up close, spider webs catch the light effortlessly after rainfall, and even wedding photos in the rain can add an element of drama and personality to a picture.


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