What To Know Before Your First Shoot


As much as it is an essential skill, shooting is as much a lifestyle, a hobby and a social circle as well.

Whilst the tradition, skill and focus of shooting can be seen in hunting photography, what can be missed is the support group that develops, the experience of the countryside and the rewarding feeling that comes from improvement.

There are many places to start, and if you have been interested in a hunt coming up, here are some tips and tricks to know.

Do Not Forget Your Shooting Etiquette

As with most social groups, there is typically an acceptable way to carry yourself, and shooting is no exception.


Due to its firm foundations in tradition as well as the inherent safety implications of firearms, shooting etiquette is more important to stick to than most, although most of the musts are basic politeness and common sense.


When you receive an invitation, reply promptly within three days of receiving the invite, either to accept or decline the invitation. This ensures that the host can put together a team and not worry about being a gun short.


Listen to any ground rules and take in all of the information that is provided, including the dress code, start time and directions to the shoot location.


Finally, do not forget to bring money to tip the gamekeeper and ensure you write a thank-you letter to the host.


Dress Smartly

You do not need to necessarily wear tweeds and breeks, but sticking to a smart look will always hold you in good esteem with your host, particularly for formal hunts.


Do not forget the more practical parts of your outfit as well, such as ear defenders, wellington boots and a robust coat.


Let The Host Know Of Your Experience

New shooters are often invited to shoot, but it is often best to let your host know of your experience, whether you have a gun and whether they need to provide a minder to give you one-to-one help and guidance.