What to Do with Wedding Photos


It wasn’t that long ago in the grand scale of things that photography was only shot on film, and your wedding photos would be presented in physical print form, and often in an album. But what about in the digital age?


Your wedding photographer did a grand job, and the wedding photos are gorgeous, and you’re getting hundreds of likes on Instagram and Facebook. You can see all the hard work you put into choosing the wedding decor, your dress, the food, and the entertainment.


But what do you then do with the hundreds, maybe thousands of incredible photographs of your big day? How best to preserve the memories of one of the best days of your life? We have a quick look at four options for organising, displaying, and preserving your wedding photos.


1. Store photos on a USB drive or hard disk

Depending on your photography package, your photographer may send you the photographs in digital format. It would be best to copy the photos to your computer, online storage, and on a USB drive to put in a safe place so you never lose your precious photos should your computer break down.


2. Put the best in an album

The classic and traditional solution. You can ask to see if your wedding photographer provides an album service, or you can print out the best photos, and place them in an album.


3. Create a classic wedding photo book

Instead of printing photos to put in an album, a photo book is a custom-designed collection of photos printed directly onto the page of the book. These can allow for more contemporary layouts of photos and can tell the story of your day in an original, individual way.


4. Personalised wall art

An album is great, but they can sometimes be forgotten about in a drawer, so why not proudly display your wedding photos as a social point to your interior design scheme. Printed and well-framed photos can look stunning as a feature on a photo wall.


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