Top Tips When Starting Clay Pigeon Shooting


When starting out learning to shoot and in preparation for dynamic hunting photography shoots later on, many people start with clay pigeon shooting.

These flying clay disks have since 1921 been one of the primary disciplines for sport shooting competitions, as the speed, flight trajectory and satisfaction when a direct hit causes one to shatter in spectacular fashion

When you are starting out, you want to make sure that you enjoy and get the most out of shooting before committing to applying for your license, and with that in mind, here are some top tips to get started with clay pigeon shooting.

Shoot With Friends

By far the best way to get started in any sport or hobby is with other people, either to teach you everything you need to know or to take those first tentative steps into shooting together.


Most shooting schools will allow small groups within the price of a lesson, which whilst it means less contact time with the tutor makes it much more affordable and is often enough to give you the basics and determine if hunting is for you.


Most aspects of clay shooting are cheaper with friends, from being able to share clays and share guns.


Start With Basic Tuition Unless You Are Serious

When you start looking into grounds and tutors that offer lessons, ask yourself how seriously you want to take shooting. Are you simply in it to shoot a few clays every month or do you want to take part in competitions?


If it is closer to the former then start with the basics and see how you enjoy hunting before committing to a package of courses. If you are already committed then feel free to look at more advanced packages.


Start With The Basics

It can be tempted to look into dedicated hunting gear, but in practice, all you need to start out is a set of warm clothes that are not too thin as to become uncomfortable, a pair of decent waterproof shoes and a set of ear defenders and eye protection.