Top Tips For Taking Great Photographs In Winter

As the temperature plummets, there are still great opportunities to have a wonderful festive outdoor hunt before the advent of spring.

As well as making the necessary preparations for your hunting party there are also some extra preparations you will need to ensure your hunting photography is as crisp as the season itself.

Here are some top tips for taking great photographs in the colder winter months.

Contrast Is Key For Snowy Days

On days where there has been heavy enough snowfall that the ground glistens with white freshly-laid snow, it can be a big issue for your camera, especially if you plan on using autofocus.

The reason for this is that autofocus systems tend to work better at focusing on darker settings, so when taking snowy pictures, it is vital that you focus on a dark subject in the picture, such as trees where the snow has been knocked off.


Make Sure You Have The Right Setup

Your default camera settings are designed largely for summer days in the city, so this is the time to make some changes.

First of all, if you are not already shooting in RAW format, change to that now to allow for better post-processing and editing of the photograph.

As well as this make sure that you set your exposure compensation higher, to around +1 or +2 to stop the snow from looking grey in the final picture.


Keep Your Batteries Warm

Due to the complex chemistry that makes batteries work to begin with, cold temperatures can be a nightmare for battery life, so make sure you have a spare battery kept in an inside pocket so it is warm.


This not only helps extend the second battery’s life but also means you may have a chance of using the first battery once it warms up in your pocket.