Tips On Feeling Comfortable With Your Wedding Photographer


Professional photographers in Berkshire have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders when they shoot weddings, as they have to capture the most important day of the couple’s lives. It can be especially difficult to make the special occasion look magical if the bride and groom are nervous in front of the camera though, so here are some tips to feel more comfortable when being photographed.


1)  Have an engagement photoshoot

One of the main benefits of having an engagement photoshoot is that it gives couples the chance to get to know their wedding photographer and feel more at ease with them.


According to Wedding Wire: “You’ll have a chance to swap stories, share laughs, and get to know each other on a more personal level, all of which helps make the wedding day run that much smoother.”


2)  Run through plans

When you’ve been planning something for months or even years, the chances are you have a certain idea of what you want – so make sure you inform your wedding photographer, so you don’t feel anxious they are not getting the right shots on the day.


Tell them which guests you definitely want photos of, including any group pictures, and which shots need to be taken, such as one at sunset, driving off in the wedding car, throwing the bouquet and so on.


“Sharing this with your photographer will help him or her to keep you in your comfort zone as they’re shooting your wedding,” Wedding Bee advised.


3)  Enjoy the day

The best photos are taken when the bride and groom are relaxed and blissfully happy, so just try and enjoy the day and let the photographer worry about snapping the photos. By doing this, you can guarantee your photos will ones of you smiling, laughing, hugging and dancing, which will be memories you’ll want to cherish forever.