The Unusual Party Trends Of 2022


The last couple of years have meant that we have been unable to hold parties for life events, or with the threat of the coronavirus, many people have not felt comfortable enough to attend parties. But now that 2022 is here, will lavish celebrations new making a return? According to a recent report, we will party hard in 2022, but may not be as you’d expect.


The report, from social media platform Pinterest has predicted that as well as the typical birthday, anniversary and a continued focus of sustainability, in the next 12 months, we will be celebrating some unusual milestones that were once viewed as being more negative life events, such as divorce, the end of a relationship, or quitting a job.


With parties being few and far between in the last couple of years, and more restrained and sedate affairs, it is not that surprising that when we can embrace parties again, we’ll want to celebrate everything.


The lockdowns led many people to reconsider their relationships, and all over the world, businesses have been facing The Great Resignation as their employees make their feelings known about their workplace.


According to Pinterest, we will be celebrating the important changes we make in 2022, instead of living in regret. This has already been seen on TikTok, where users have shared their videos of break-up parties thrown for themselves and friends.


Anna Cook, the community manager at events firm Skiddle, has said that events are already taking on a whole new meaning, which it suggests is largely due to the pandemic.


“We’ve already seen a rise in experimental celebrations, a drive-in raves, socially distant clubs and festivals. This is where the trailblazers and the pioneers of the scene will always prevail and succeed in bringing people together no matter what comes next,” she said.


So, are you planning to throw a party this year for ending a relationship or quitting your job? Or are parties for more positive life events?


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