The Best Autumn Country Sports Pictures

As summer gradually fades away, the temperatures drop and the country gets some much-needed rain, the nature of the pictures you can appear in or have created for your company will change.

It is stating the obvious that summer images of sunny days, lush greenery and bright colours will give way to softer light, more shadows and the dominance of red and orange hues. But when it comes to autumn photography, there is more to it than simply posing for pictures in front of a few trees with rust-coloured leaves, not least when it comes to country sports photography.

While these colours may be a distinctive feature of the season, truly beautiful autumn photos can bring so much more. The backdrop may be wonderful, but it needs to be mixed with some activity and interest in the foreground: The pose or action of your sports party needs to be dynamic and compelling, so that it and the seasonal backdrop provide alternative points of interest.

The light is another consideration at this time of year. Without dazzling sun on it, water can provide beautiful scenic reflections, while misty, low cloud can be wonderfully atmospheric. 

As it gets darker earlier, do not neglect the potential of the many glorious sunsets the season can bring, while an evening image can truly capture the flavour of the occasion, be it with an illuminated pumpkin or a blazing bonfire, creating wonderful contrasts of dark and light, shadows and reflected glows.

It may come as a surprise after the summer sunshine how the use of mist, overcast skies and looming twilight can often feature in fine photos. The key point is that this emphasises various aspects of nature and embeds the people featured in such images in this very natural setting. Even in a well-manicured country estate, it will communicate a sense of wildness and the power of nature.

When it comes to producing delightful pictures, every season has something to offer. Make sure you are hiring a photographer to make the very most of autumn.