Wedding trends come and go, but your wedding photographs are here to stay…

That means looking at what’s trending in the wedding world and using it as inspiration for your big day, but making sure that you choose a style of wedding photography with your professional photographer in Berkshire that captures who you are and tells your love story.


You may have recently seen the trend for the flying dress, which started out on the mountains of Santorini—sure, this has dramatic impact, but you might prefer more natural wedding photos to look back on (as well as the flying dress possibly being harder to recreate on a drizzly day in Berkshire!).


On the contrary, the pandemic has called for smaller and more intimate weddings, which has seen a general shift in wedding photography—pre-pandemic saw a lot of ‘candid only’ pictures, but family portraits are making a comeback, those precious moments of having everybody together in one place.


We’ve also seen a return in the trend for photo albums, the heirloom significance of being able to pour over the collection with your nearest and dearest; a love story bound inside one book, that can be treasured and passed down through the generations.


But these trends come and go, and while you may realistically look back with amusement one day at the trend that spoke to you and your wedding photographs (just think about any wedding photos you’ve seen from the 80s!), what’s important is that you choose a style of wedding photography that speaks to you right now—that’s how you treasure your wedding photographs forever.


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