Great Winter Photography Shots

There is no bad time of year to have corporate photographs. If you want to show off your team or company in the best possible light, there are settings to suit every season.

For example, autumn always brings plenty of great scenic backdrops with the golden seasonal colours, but winter can provide even more options that a skilled corporate event photographer can utilise.

Some of these will be indoors, especially at night - but then a Christmas Party may be the perfect occasion to help project an image of a firm that can be smart, stylish but knows how to build team spirit and have some fun out of hours.

Alternatively, a daytime picture can make the most of winter conditions, especially in snow.

If you really want the image to look scenic and Christmassy, an ideal scenario is a shot with snow falling. Another atmospheric shot is to snap a sunrise or sunset, with the wonderful pinks and reds in the background and reflected on the clouds.

Alternatively, a snowy townscape with lots of city lights can also look great, not least at Christmas with all the varicoloured festive illuminations.

All of these can produce great wide-angle pictures to get in a larger group of people, but they can equally be used for a smaller number.

However, a small number of individuals together can offer some alternatives. In this case, the picture can be closer up as it will fit everyone in. There can still be a great background or meteorological effects, but you can also take great individual portraits or have close-ups of features such as frost on grass or even a cobweb.

The choices you make may depend on the size of your team or company, what it does and the kind of corporate image you want to project. For example, if you are a rural firm there’s no sense in having a big city backdrop to a picture.

However, winter and Christmas provide so much choice that there can be no doubt this is a perfect time of year to get those magical shots to add a bit of beauty and sparkle to a strong corporate image.