Great Shots For Summer Photography


Businesses that want to capture some good product photographs will be able to get some great shots during the summer months, as long as they follow these handy tips.


1)  Try different lights

Although summer brings long, bright days, it can be tricky to shoot during the midday sun as it can cause glare on photos. However, it is worth trying various lights before you settle on your favourite shot.


Sunrise and sunset are typically the best times of the day for soft natural light, particularly for landscapes, but the National Trust also suggests making the most of the brightest time of the day, as it “gives you lots of options for interesting close-ups”.


2)  Embrace colour

Summer is all about brightness, so really make the most of the season by adding a splash of colour in your photos. You could focus on the natural shades of the surroundings, such as flame-red sunsets or bright green hillsides, or you could make your object as bright and bold as possible to contrast with the blue sky.


3)  Go underwater

The warm weather brings the opportunity to shoot underwater, so if you want photos that will stand out against the rest, this could certainly be the way to go. You will have to use underwater housing and might even need a snorkel or scuba diving equipment if you need to spend a long time beneath the surface, but it will be worth it for the beautiful shots you get.


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