3 Reasons Why Photography Is Important In Social Media Marketing

It should be apparent to everyone that the key to a successful social media marketing campaign is quality content. It has been found time and again that it is the best way to engage with your audience and drive traffic back to your site.


But while you may be able to whip up a quick flat-lay photograph for your social media, to get high-quality, engaging content, you need to invest in professional photography. We have a look at some tips on why professional photography is important to your social media marketing.


1. Increased engagement

Engagement is the cornerstone of social media success. The better engagement you have, which can be measured by likes, shares, retweets, loves, comments, and so on, the better chance you have of your content being seen by more people. Professional, high-quality photographs will significantly increase this engagement.


2. Professional content provides a human touch

It’s not difficult to start a social media account and start posting images and content, but professionally produced content will be a much more effective way to communicate your brand values. A professional photographer will work with you to communicate these ideas through photography.


3. Professional photos help with SEO rankings

The more complete your online profiles are, including Yelp reviews, social media links, and website photos, the better off you’ll be with search engine rankings.


Professionally taken photos make it easier for customers to find you online as well. When potential customers type a business name into a search engine like Google or Yahoo! they will often look for images alongside text results.


Photo and video content geotagged with your business location can be an extremely important factor when it comes to ranking content by search engines.


Local content often goes viral on social media and is delivered on the very top of search results by search engines, because it is ranked as trustworthy, unlike the stock photo and video content that's been used by thousands of companies a million times.


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