Professional Photo Restoration Services

I offer a wide range of professional photograph restoration services from basic colour correction, right through to severe damage repair and full colourisation.

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Colour Correction


For old photographs that are in physically good condition but have lost their original colour and contrast.

an photo with faded colours that needs to be edited

Original photograph - magenta tint, lack of contrast and unsharp

an old photograph that has had the colour edited to be more accurate

Edited photograph - magenta hue removed, sharpened, and contrast and warmth added

Removing Dust and Scratches


For photographs that show minor physical damage in the form of dust spots, hairs and small scratches.

old photo with small scratches and dust spots

Original photograph - dust spots, large blemishes and small hairs

a photograph that has been professionally photoshopped to remove damage and dust

Edited photograph - blemishes removed and sky cleaned up, colour corrected and sharpening applied

Repairing Tears and Major Scratches


For photographs with major physical damage in the form of large scratches and tears

a torn black and white photo with damage

Original photograph - large tear, wrinkles as well as smaller dust spots and scratches

photoshopped old photograph that has been repaired

Edited photograph - bottom corner restored, small blemishes removed and contrast and exposure corrected

Photograph Recolouring


For black and white or sepia photographs, or colour photographs that have faded over time.

a black and white photo that needs to be recoloured

Original photograph - black and white, lack of contrast, grainy

a recoloured photo, using professional re-colouring services in Hungerford

Edited photograph - colour painted back in, contrast added and grain removed

Full Photo Restoration


For photos with severe physical damage and with discolouration or in need or recolouring.

a very badly damaged and torn photograph

Original photograph - sepia with multiple small scratches and blemishes

a repaired and restored photo, repaired by Sebastian Engert Photography

Edited photograph - scratches removed, fully recoloured and contrast and sharpening added


Do you repair / restore physical photographs?

Currently this is not something I offer. All restoration services are for digital files only.

What if I don't have a digital copy of the image?

No problem! If you don't have a digitised version to restore, I offer scanning and digitisation services to turn your old print or 35mm slide into a digital image ready to be worked on.

Can you enhance really blurry / pixelated digital photos?

I have various tricks and techniques to take low resolution files and get more detail out of them, though this will never garner perfect results.