March 16, 2021

What Camera Do I Use? - 2021


Both clients along with other photographers ask me regularly what equipment I use for my work, so I thought I'd create a page that goes into some detail (although not too much detail) about the gear I use. I do however maintain that the exact equipment a photographer uses doesn't really matter at the end of the day, though this can still be a deciding factor for some clients, and of interest to other creators.

Click on any of the images to learn more about that particular piece of gear.

What Camera Do I Use?

Sony A7 III Mirrorless camera

Since 2020 I have been using Sony A7 III mirrorless cameras, which I chose for their lightweight design, superb image quality and awesome focusing system. They are 35mm full frame cameras, which offer 24 megapixel resolution and work well in dark conditions. They have slots for two memory cards, meaning photos are backed up to two places while shooting, reducing the risk of file loss or corruption.

For projects that require higher resolutions, I hire Sony A7R IV 62 megapixel cameras. I always discuss the technical requirements of a client's project prior to shooting, and any equipment that needs to be hired will be covered by them.

What Lenses Do You Use?


The Sony 85mm is a brilliant portrait lens, and great for that background blur that wows clients. The F1.8 aperture means it can take in a lot more light than typical lenses, making it great for darker situations.


The Tamron 17-28mm is great for property photography and landscape situations where you need to show the whole scene and pairs well with the next lens on the list.


This lens is probably my most used lens and is an incredibly versatile asset in my kit bag. It goes from wide angle to moderately zoomed in and is unbelievably sharp, making it great for product shots, weddings, and anything else you throw at it.


Another highly used lens, the Tamron 70-180 zooms further than the 28-75 can reach, and is great for tight portraits or for isolating subjects and creating awesome background blur.

What Lighting Do You Use?

Godox AD400 Pro Wireless Studio Flash

This is one of my most used pieces of equipment and comes everywhere with me to light portraits or products, indoors or outdoors. Its battery operated and works seamlessly with the other Godox products I use.

Godox TT685s Speedlight

This speedlight is a great partner to the bigger studio flash, and works in tandem with it for applications where I don't have enough space or don't need the power the bigger light gives.

Godox XPro-S Wireless flash transmitter

The Godox transmitter is what I use to trigger the wireless flashes and allows me to place them anywhere in a lighting setup and still have full control.

What Computer and Software Do You Use?

Apple iMac 27" 5K 2017

I'm an Apple guy, and my main workhorse computer is the iMac 27" model, which I use for the vast majority of image processing and admin in my day to day.

Apple MacBook Air 2018

For when I'm away from the office or need to tether my camera to a computer while shooting, I use a 2018 MacBook Air which I chose for its portability and great performance for everyday tasks.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Lightroom is where I do 99% of my editing, and what I use to create that bright and natural look in my finished images.

Adobe Photoshop

For more complex edits requiring major restoration or retouching, as well as graphic design, I use Adobe Photoshop.

Want To Know More?

If you've got any questions about what else I use, or want more information on a specific aspect of my equipment, please get in touch!

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